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At PDP we like to surround ourselves with people and companies that can enhance our clients experiences, be that through expertise in their chosen field or discounts on products. Below are a list of our current partners, just click on the company image to go straight to their website. If you are interested in becoming a business partner with us, please contact us at

Klemmer Consultancy small1.png

Klemmer Consultancy offers mind coaching for athletes, coaches, business people & individuals and consultancy for sport, health & education organisations. They have supported over 200 athletes & business people. Examples include, the current English superweight boxing champion Kay Prosper, WAKO World Championship bronze Medalist Maikel Astur and over 20 Estonian Premier League players. Their staff are members of The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences,  Loughborough University, The Football Association Licenced Coaches & Behavioural Science and Public Health Network."

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